Miranda Kerr x Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic 2014 Commercial campaign






4/4/2014 Beauty Industry Leader, Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic’s 2014 Commercial campaign sought a foreign figure, which then RAS Productions, Inc. produced international super model, Miranda Kerr to be their spokesperson and largely facilitated in the coordination and production of the campaign and press conference.

Earlier that year in February, an elite team was assembled to shoot the commercial, “Takano Yuri Miranda Nice Day” in New York. On 4/4/14 a press conference was coordinated and held at Shibuya Hikarie for the debut of the commercial and a media/press event was staged at the popular Shibuya crossing with a 6 minute loop of the commercial and behind the scenes footage with an appearance from Miranda Kerr. The commercial officially aired on Japanese television on 4/10/14.

Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic

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